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Bringing Taiwanese
Vitality and Generosity to China Airlines

Our work with China Airlines transformed transactional moments into meaningful encounters, leveraging the Taiwanese spirit of warmth and generosity to create an authentic travel experience.


China Airlines

Project type

UX UI, Platform, Brand identity

China Airlines window to taiwan.png

"We carefully turn every interaction into
meaningful moments of encounter"


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China Airlines Haoke.png

We found out that Taiwanese are known for their Hao Ke, The spirit of hosting friends and strangers alike, with warmth and generosity.  We turned Hao Ke into an experience that gives young travelers a sense of contemporary Taiwanese warmth and generosity.

We turned "Hao Ke" into a window to Taiwan through our design and content, featuring authentic stories from real people and integrating them into our "Travel with cabin crew" social campaign.

China Airlines cabin crew.jpg
China Airlines booking.jpg
China Airlines inspirations.jpg

Our modern twist on traditional Chinese seal stamps created unique and culturally relevant iconography, embodying the essence of the China Airlines brand, "We Cherish every encounter."

China Airlines Seal icon.jpg
China Airlines icon.jpg
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