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Levis Soundwash Campaign

The Levis Soundwash Campaign was all about merging music and fashion to create a completely new and immersive experience. We wanted to put the soul back into denim by combining the two in a way that had never been done before. To achieve this, we created the world's first "Soundwash" Laundry, where customers could wash their Levi's Square Cut jeans using music they had mixed themselves from specially developed Soundwash "laundry" mixes.



Project type

Website, Animation

Levis soundwash making of.jpg

“Let’s put music back into jeans”

The Levis Soundwash campaign extended across packaging, a laundromat, online, and mobile. As part of the campaign, a virtual laundromat was created, where the audience could experience the unique "Soundwash" technique.

Watch the case study

To create the washing (spinning) experience and give life and personality to this laundromat, a sound wash laundromat miniature was built on a gigantic turntable, and stop motion technique was used to shoot and animate it.

Levis soundwash caseboard.jpg
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