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The Mix Experiment:
Redefining Cognac Drinking for the Youth

Hennessy Classivm is a brand of Hennessy sold only in China, targeted at younger and entry-level cognac drinkers with a lower price point. Our goal was to connect with this audience and create a campaign that resonates with their tastes and preferences. We came up with "The Mix Experiment" campaign title that emphasizes experimentation and mixing, which aligns with both the consumer's and product's insight.



Project Type

Campaign, WeChat H5, O2O

Mixperiment interactive table_high.png

Mood film


We used WeChat and interactive tables to encourage consumers to try new things and experiment with different tastes. We started by asking them a series of questions under the question "What are you made of?" to identify their taste preferences.

Mixperiment poster.jpg
Mixperiment the hub.jpg
Mixperiment mobile.jpg

Based on their answers, we can share drinks that mix well for them and build a community of like-minded drinks for personalized events and content. Through this campaign, we redefined cognac drinking for the youth, making it a fun and experimental experience that they would love to try again and again.

Mixperiment ontrade.jpg
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