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Fur Hurts,
How does it feel to be skinned alive?

The Peta "Fur Hurts" campaign aimed to raise awareness about the cruelty of fur production in a unique and impactful way. Instead of using graphic violence or gore, we took a different approach by creating 36 life-size animal sculptures covered in over 5,000,000 pins.



Project Type

Outdoor, Website

furhurts making of.jpg

Case study


"The message was clear,

fur may appear beautiful, but it is only skin deep."

Our digital campaign integrated seamlessly by allowing viewers to take action by pulling out a virtual needle to pledge against fur, which would result in a piece of fur growing back on the animal sculpture to relieve the pain.


By highlighting the suffering that animals endure for the sake of fashion,

we aimed to inspire viewers to make more ethical choices when it comes to their clothing purchases.

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