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Soul Refined: Redefining Cruiser Culture with BMW Motorrad R18

We transformed the BMW Motorrad R18 brand in China by creating a campaign site that showcased the soul of the R18 cruiser as a symbol of courage, freedom, and refined taste.




Website, WeChat H5


For the refined look, we highlighted how the R 18 is not designed for everyone, and how its look conveys strong personality for people who are equally matched to master the R18 in tasteful style, strength, and confidence.

For the sound of soul, we created a WeChat experience where users could listen to real stories from the R18 cruiser community, giving riders a sense of connection and belonging.

Finally, for the R18 campaign site, we created a high-interest brand story that emphasized model customization and accessories, making the site a hub for the rider community to come together and share their love for the R18 cruiser.

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