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Connecting the World: Redefining the Booking Experience for China Eastern

Our task was to position China Eastern as the leader in making connections in a divided world. We turned "Connection" into an experience that started from the homepage and embodied the spirit of connection through a dynamic split-screen visual search for both places and cultural experiences.


China Eastern

Project type

UX UI, Platform

China Eastern cover ai enhanced.png

Our goal was to create a seamless, clean, and easy-to-understand booking process that efficiently connected travelers to the best deals and world-class services while also linking like-minded travelers.

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We turned “Connection”
into an experience

China Eastern's website embodied the spirit of connection by offering a unique booking experience. The first-ever dynamic split-screen visual search allowed users to explore destinations and cultural experiences, turning "Connection" into a seamless experience right from the homepage.


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By providing a connected booking process on one page, we aimed to make the experience efficient and enjoyable. Through our efforts, we hope to inspire inhabitants from all around the globe and make a better-connected world.

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