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Fall in Love with Huawei: Redesigning with a Human Touch

The aim of this project was to redesign Huawei's website,, with a more consumer-focused, emotional approach. In a world where tech products are often marketed solely based on their specs and features, our concept was to make users fall in love with Huawei's products like they would in a love story.



Project Type

UX UI, Platform

Huawei fall in love.jpg

"In a tech world of only specs and feature,
what if we can add more emotional value
to our product?"

Watch the demo video

Love at first sight

The redesign focused on creating an irresistible first impression with vibrant and bold colors that would make the user's heart flutter.

Huawei mockup enhanced.png

We used Adobe AEM to create flexible components that would give different products a unique look and feel while minimizing development effort.

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